Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Bre!

Bre wanted a Max and Ruby cake, so I decided to do one with Ruby and
one with Max. Here is the Ruby cake.

Here is the Max cake. They turned out okay. For some reason I could
not get them smooth this time before I decorated them. I didn't have the
time to work longer on them, so I just left them. Luckily Bre is just 4
so she doesn't really notice.

Bre and Sammy at Bre's party. Everyone was over and it was a full
house, but fun.

Bre opening her little learning computer from grandma and grandpa.

Bre opening her scooter from the Godwins. This was definately one
of her favorite things she got! Luckily today was warm so she rode it
a ton today!

Chuck E Cheese

Here is Bre after we just arrived at Chuck E Cheese. Can you tell
that she is excited?

Bre loved the climbing and the slide, but Payton could not make
it up to the top so she didn't go down the slide.

This was a little roller coaster ride. It moved around like a coaster and
the tv in front of them was like riding on the real ride. It was pretty
cool. Payton really loved it, she laughed the whole time.

Here they are doing a wave runner game. I thought this was the cutest
picture of them!

Payton loves to eat pizza. We all had a great time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Picking a Birthday Present

Andee sent Bre a gift card so she could pick out her own present. It
was a hard choice for a Bre since she says "I want that" about
every commercial for a toy she sees on tv.

Here she is with her tea set that she decided to get. We
guided her a little bit, but as you can tell she is very excited!

Of course, as soon as we were back at Lisa's they were playing
with it! Having fun pouring and drinking water.

Payton had fun playing too, even though more of her water
made it on the table than in the cup or in her mouth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Here is Bre standing outside her preschool. She was excited to go.

This was the first attempt at a picture. She didn't do as well going in
today. She was clinging to me and just saying mommy. Finally Calvin
got there and so we finally talked her into walking down with him.

The girls excited to leave this morning. I don't know what Payton
was doing!

Such a pretty girl!

Here is her new backpack that grandma and grandpa got for her.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swim class

Swim Class

This is Bre before we were leaving for her first swim class. She told me
she was going to pose like that for the picture. She said it would be
very pretty. She totally reminded me of Andee!

Here she is ready to go! She was sooooo excited!

Payton had to join in on one of the pictures too! They are so cute, and
so tan too! I will miss being tan once winter hits. Everyone looks so
much better tan.

I only took one picture of her during her class. Here she is "jumping"
in. She wouldn't jump in on her own, she had to hold hands with the
teacher. Hopefully next time she will do it on her own. She did really
good with the rest of the stuff, blowing bubbles, floating on her back,
and kicking on her belly. It was fun to watch.

This is Bre after she got home from her class. She had a lot of fun and
can't wait for her next class. She goes every Monday and Wednesday
for a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last day at the Waterpark

Today was the last day the waterpark is open for the year. Here
are Doug and the girls before we left for the waterpark. They
were so excited!

Bre loves the water! She is not afraid of water in her face anymore.
The waterpark has cured her of that, so she will be starting swim
class next week.

Here is Payton, she was trying to crawl around in the water like Bre
but she is too short, she loves the water too.

Bre loves the slides! It took her a while to get warmed up to them, but
now she walks up and comes down all by herself. This time Sammy
got to go down with her.

Payton was tired, so daddy made her a spot to lay down and Hyrum
joined her. He is so good with them, what a great cousin!